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Believe it or not, this E-Fighter electric motorcycle is based on a Zero DS

Washington State-based Droog Moto has just unveiled its latest offering, the all-electric DM-017 V2 E-Fighter, which is based on a 2020 Zero DS electric motorcycle.

Droog Moto is a bespoke motorcycle company that starts with popular motorcycles and modifies them into unique, often unrecognizable new machines.

They currently offer four models, two of which are electric. Their first electric motorcycle offering was based on the Zero FX, and now the new Droog Moto DM-017 V2 E-Fighter based on the Zero DS gives them an even more powerful offering in the electric space.

Because the customization process is unique and incorporates the preferences of each rider, no two Droog Moto bikes are identical, and thus every rider gets a one-of-a-kind machine.

The DM-017 V2 E-Fighter comes with lightweight solid wheels, updated LED lighting, aggressive all-terrain tires, upgraded front and rear suspension, custom seat and totally redesigned body panels.

If it wasn’t for that recognizable Zero swingarm and the motor it hides, I probably would not have realized the bike ever started life as a Zero. And even then, I probably couldn’t tell you which model it was.