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The ‘Moderna’ is a carbon-fibre-bodied classic V12 Ferrari homage

A U.K. company is plotting to bring the iconic Ferrari 250 SWB into the 21st century with its own interpretation of the classic race car.

GTO Engineering is an expert restorer of classic Ferrari vehicles, and has already made a name for itself building the “250 GT SWB Revival,” a US$1-million recreation of one of the world’s most expensive cars built on either a Ferrari 330 or 365 chassis.

Now the firm is turning its attention to its own in-house design, built on a bespoke tube-frame chassis and powered by a quad-cam V12.

All that’s been released so far has been this drawing of a car dubbed “Moderna,” a pun on “Modena,” where the head office of Ferrari resides; and on “modern,” since this new car is a modernization of the classic design.

The car has the overall shape of a 1961 250 “Short Wheelbase” Berlinetta, but a few GTO cues have been thrown onto the carbon-fibre body — namely the three-nostril air holes, and the vents behind the front and rear wheels.

When it comes to the Moderna’s engine, there could be no other choice than a high-revving V12; specifically, GTO Engineering plans to offer the same 3.0-, 3.5-, or 4.0-litre options found in the Revival.

“We’ve learnt from building the 250 SWB Revival, and working on a range of Ferraris, that a car’s weight and engine are two of the key ingredients to make a good sports car,” Mark Lyon, managing director at GTO Engineering, said in a statement.

Speaking of weight, the target is less than 2,200 pounds, which will make it a serious performer when combined with any of those 300-horsepower-plus engines.

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