NAWA Racer is a futuristic café racer-inspired e-motorbike

Set to debut at EICMA 2021 in Milan (25-28th November), the NAWA Racer is a zero-emission motorbike concept that illustrates how NAWA’s next-gen nano-based ultracapacitors, called NAWACap, can be applied to a real-world electric vehicle (EV) powertrain, by combining them with conventional lithium-ion cells to create a hybrid battery system.

NAWA Racer can reach a range of up to 300 km in an urban environment.

NAWA Racer e motorbike Concept

The design brings  a modern twist to its retro looks with simple, smooth lightweight composite panels and rear arm and an in-wheel motor. The model will also focus on customisation with multiple ways to tailor and futureproof its striking design.

NAWA Racer e motorbike Concept

For the initial design of the concept, NAWA Technologies was supported by  design and engineering services provider Envisage Group – based in Coventry, UK.

To develop a fully functioning prototype, NAWA has had the support of InnoEnergy, the innovation arm of the European Innovation Institute, assembling an expert consortium of French partners consortium comprised of NAWA itself, AKKA Technologies, Pronergy, FAAR and YSY Group.

(Source: NAWA)

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