Statement by UAW President Ray Curry on President Biden’s State of the Union Address | UAW

Detroit – “Under President Biden’s leadership, we have seen unprecedented job growth and rising wages.

The President has directly confronted the coronavirus pandemic that has taken lives of almost nine hundred and fifty thousand of our fellow citizens. Through his leadership, we are now better protected, and the number of infections is declining.

Of course, challenges remain and there is more work to do. Congress must act on the President’s priorities. For starters, the Senate should pass the PRO Act and Confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the highest court in the land.

Together with the Biden Administration, we are working to ensure that the transition to electric vehicles supports good union jobs by passing the Stabenow/Kildee electric vehicle tax credit and complementary policies into law.

We are working together to strengthen our supply chain, so we no longer face a crippling chip shortage that has hurt our members who build consumer vehicles, Heavy Truck vehicles and Agricultural and Construction Equipment.

By laying out this agenda, President Biden offers a clear path forward that builds America back better than ever. UAW and working families need lower prescription drug costs and more affordable quality healthcare, so no one is forced to choose between putting food on the table and affording life-saving drugs or going to the doctor. We must make childcare affordable, so parents can work knowing their children are safe.

Equally important to UAW members and working families are the attacks on our democracy occurring across our country as falsehoods about the 2020 election continue to spread, and dozens of states enact restrictive voting laws that threaten to disenfranchise lawful citizens from the ballot. It is troubling that legislation to protect our most fundamental democratic rights as voters was filibustered in the Senate. Make no mistake – these attacks do more than threaten an idea of democracy; they cripple the foundation that grants our members their right to organize and secure higher standards of living for themselves and their families.

Finally, President Biden addressed the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, which is an affront to all democratic forms of government and all people of goodwill. We stand with President Biden and our allies in defending the hardworking families of Ukraine and their democracy.

It is long past time we unite to address these issues as a country. The UAW is prepared to work with Congress and the Biden Administration to meet this moment as we have throughout our history.”

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