Next Maserati Quattroporte reportedly due in 2024 as pure EV

Maserati has promised to offer an electric powertrain in every vehicle it sells by as soon as 2025. The transition has already started with the recently revealed 2024 Granturismo which will offer buyers the choice of gas or electric power when it lands at dealerships next spring.

Maserati’s new 2023 Grecale crossover has also been revealed with gas and electric powertrains, and an electric version of the MC20 supercar has also been announced, though timing isn’t clear.

Further out, Maserati will introduce redesigned versions of the Quattroporte and Levante, and drop the Ghibli. Maserati has been quiet on plans for these future models but Autocar reported on Tuesday that the redesigned Quattroporte will arrive in 2024, with electric power only. The redesigned Levante will reportedly follow a year later, also with electric power only.

The platform for these models will be the modular design introduced in the new Granturismo. For EVs, the platform houses the battery cells in a T-shaped pack filling the central tunnel and area beneath the rear seats. Autocar predicts the peak power of the electric Quattroporte will be less than the 760 hp of the electric Granturismo.

Production of the redesigned Quattroporte and Levante will likely be handled at the sprawling Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy, belonging to Maserati parent Stellantis. Maserati has said it will build three vehicles at the site.

Stellantis last year invested approximately 700 million euros (approximately $700 million) at the site to prepare it for EV production. The plant is where Maserati builds the new Granturismo. Fiat also builds the electric 500 at the site.

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