Nissan Canada To Showcase ARIYA Surfwagon And Sentra Cup Car At 2023 Montreal Auto Show

The 2023 Montreal International Auto Show will feature several new models and the full line-up of vehicles from Nissan Canada.

These include the all-electric ARIYA crossover, the 2023 Pathfinder Rock Creek, the Nissan Z, and more. Other Nissan vehicles include the new Rogue crossover and the redesigned Frontier mid-size pickup. All of the showcased vehicles are part of the company’s ambitious “Nissan NEXT” transformation.

Nissan Canada will also showcase the ARIYA Surfwagon concept vehicle, alongside Canada’s Sentra Cup vehicle, the Nissan Sentra Cup car.

“After nearly three years of introducing products virtually, we are excited to  showcase our fully refreshed A to Z lineup of new and thrilling vehicles for the first time in Canada at the Montreal International Auto Show,” said Ken Hearn, marketing director, Nissan Canada Inc. “The iconic Nissan Z and the all-electric ARIYA are must-sees during this edition, but so is the ARIYA Surfwagon concept and our special Sentra Cup corner which continues to tell the thrilling story of our brand.”

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