Porsche’s Vision Renndienst Race Service Van Set Unveil An Unseen 911

While the Porsche brand has always participated in competitive motorsports, its legendary Volkswagen race service vans seem to carry the same significance and rarity as some of the most winning Porsche race cars. Heading back to the drawing board with the goal of creating a futuristic “space shuttle” concept, Porsche sketched up the Vision Renndienst Transporter to pay homage to the practical bus that housed parts for monumental races. Since its full-size developmental stage in 2018, Porsche is proud to bring back the Vision Renndienst Transporter to finally do the job it was created to do.

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Porsche took to Instagram to announce its 75th-anniversary celebration of being involved with the Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin. As part of the festivities, Porsche will be using the Vision Renndienst to pull a previously unseen design study into the spotlight during a special digital unveiling. Although the surprise sports car is kept in secret under a display cloth, its timeless silhouette leads us to believe that we may see a very special Porsche 911 model. Porsche is set to unveil its unseen model behind the futuristic race service van from its website at 6 PM EST. View all current Porsche models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below.

Source: @porsche_newsroom IG

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