Matchbox releasing limited-edition cars for its 70th birthday – Autoblog

Matchbox is celebrating its 70th birthday by releasing a series of limited-edition die-cast cars. Due out in stores throughout 2023, the commemorative cars include a surprisingly diverse selection ranging from vintage European sedans to late-model pickups.

While official details are few and far between, the photos released by Matchbox parent company Mattel seemingly tell most of the story. The cars designed to celebrate the firm’s 70th birthday feature a special livery. Some are silver with black and orange accents, while others are orange with black and silver accents. Most have at least one thing in common: They feature an edition-specific “70 years” decal.

Looking at the 70th-anniversary cars makes us feel like a kid in a toy store. There’s something for everyone: we spot an MG B GT, a first-generation Toyota 4Runner, fixed-roof and convertible versions of the Morris Minor, an original Mini, and a pair of Porsche 911s. If you’re into newer cars, there’s a Ford F-150, a Nissan GT-R, a Bugatti Divo, and a Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6, among many others. It’s not all cars: There are also three fire trucks (two feature a moving ladder), a double-decker bus, a helicopter with moving rotors, and even a Boeing 747.

Matchbox’s commemorative die-cast cars will be released in many global markets throughout 2023, and they’re not the only special release the company has planned for its 70th birthday. It will announce the other surprises it has in store to celebrate this milestone in July 2023.

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