Over 400 Workers at Auto Parts Supplier Yanfeng Vote to Join UAW | UAW

Hundreds of workers at the Yanfeng USA Riverside Facility outside Kansas City, Missouri have voted to join UAW Local 710 in a 310-26 vote. This is the sixth UAW-organized Yanfeng facility, joining over 1,000 members at the supplier in Highland Park, Romulus, and Monroe, Michigan, Mississauga, Ontario, and McCalla, Alabama. The Riverside location produces parts for the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, represented by UAW Local 31.

Yanfeng workers organized to put an end to low pay, lack of seniority rights, understaffed shifts, and little to no work-life balance. Workers of color have faced discrimination from management in job placement and rights at work.

“This struggle was about fair treatment for every worker and holding management accountable,” said Sharon Gilliam, a Yanfeng worker who helped spearhead the organizing drive. “We want every worker to be educated and informed of their rights and empower them on the shop floor, and this is the first step.”

“This is a big win for the newest members of Local 710,” said President Jeff Schweedler. “They’ve suffered for years, being beat down by management for one reason or another; because of the different dialects they speak, to what they look like. It’s time for them to have a voice at the table and a voice in the workplace. It’s great for them to finally have the opportunity to negotiate a contract.”

“Workers, union and non-union alike, are fed up with corporate profits and executive compensation going up, while their purchasing power and quality of life go down,” said UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell. “The newest members of the UAW at Yanfeng have just taken a huge step towards justice for themselves, their families and their community. Region 4 and the entire UAW stand in solidarity with you to achieve your first union contract. Welcome to the UAW!”

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