Video: UAW President Emeritus Bob King: “Double What You Make!” | UAW

UAW President Emeritus Bob King addressed delegates at the recent International Women’s Conference at Black Lake held earlier this month.

During part of his speech, President King — speaking on the current negotiations with the Big Three — asked those in attendance if they knew how much pay auto workers in Germany make.

“Anybody know?” he asked. “Double what you make! Double what our highest paid members make. And are the German companies still competitive? Hell yeah, they lead the world. Some people say Volkswagen’s the strongest auto company, some say it’s Toyota. But they’re right at the top. So, you can pay great wages.”

President King then addressed concerns that the UAW was demanding too much from the Big Three during negotiations.

“One of the things I always say to folks talking about bargaining,” King said. “If you ever got all you asked for, you didn’t ask for enough. You have to shoot high to win high.”

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