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Something happened on the way to the end of 2024, and that happening has resulted in higher-than-expected prices for the 2024 Giula and 2024 Stelvio. When Alfa announced changes for both models in April, we were informed the new Giulia Competizione trim would start at $53,115 in rear-wheel-drive form, the Stelvio Competizione trim would start at $57,420 in obligatory all-wheel-drive form. A month later, Cars Direct got wind of price cuts thanks to Alfa Romeo wanting to give buyers even more reason to put money down on la dolce vita instead of a certain Bavarian. In that report, the entry-level Giula Sprint was going to start at $44,795 after destination, the Stelvio Sprint would start at $46,370. An an Alfa Romeo spokesperson even replied to Cars Direct with, “The reduction in pricing is a lifecycle direction for Stelvio and Giulia to enhance market competitiveness.”

Looking at the 2024 configurator, the Giulia Sprint improves its advantage before options, whereas the Competizione is $2,345 above expectations. Prices for the 2024 Giula range after the $1,595 destination charge are:

  • Sprint: $44,670
  • Ti: $47,210
  • Veloce: $50,970
  • Competizione: $55,460
  • Quadrifoglio: $82,970
  • Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary: $90,070

What’s not included here are mandatory additional costs for the Competizione and both Quadrifoglio trims; they don’t offer the free white exterior paint option that the Sprint, Ti, and Veloce do. So the above sums will go up by at least $500, the least expensive exterior color option, to as much as $2,200. As for the Giulia Sprint undercutting the BMW 330i, that only happens if you want a white Giulia on the stock 17-inch wheels. The 2024 330i starts at $45,495, which is $825 above the base Giulia. But the BMW comes on 18-inch wheels, the Giulia on 17-inchers, and stepping up a rim size on the Alfa Romeo costs $1,725. BMW also offers black paint as a free option, whereas going dark on the Giulia costs $660. The Giulia does come with 280 horsepower versus the BMW’s 255, so there’s that. At the very top, a Giulia Quadrifoglio asking $82,970 might be a tough ask against a BMW M3 asking $81,195, never mind a $90,070 Giulia Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary.

It’s the same on the Stelvio side of the fence. Prices for the 2024 range after the $1,595 destination charge are:

  • Sprint: $46,970
  • Ti: $52,240
  • Veloce: $54,830
  • Competizione: $59,770
  • Quadrifoglio: $88,870
  • Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary: $97,570

The entry-level Sprint trim undercuts the 2024 BMW X3 sDrive30i by $925. Yet again, that’s only in white, and only on the Sprint’s 18-inch wheels. Putting 19-inchers on the Stelvio to match the standard fit on the X3 adds $1,750 to the price.

Recapping the changes, every new Stelvio and Giulia gets updated exterior features to match their European siblings, such as LED headlights with smoked housings and a new grille insert. Inside, the analog dials are replaced with a 12.3-inch digital display that can show a variety of information in different layouts, including one that mimics the classic double dial design. The new Alfas also are able to accept updates over the air. The 100th Anniversary Edition Quadrifoglio editions are limited to 100 units of each, globally. It’s not very different to a regular Quadrifoglio, though, except for gold-painted brake calipers, special badging, carbon fiber mirrors and grille, Alcantara seats and gold stitching. But it does benefit from a new feature added to all Quadrifoglio models: a mechanical limited-slip differential.

The top of the line for the four-cylinder Stelvio and Giulia is the new Competizione trim. It adds performance and luxury upgrades like an electronically adjustable suspension, limited-slip differential, sport seats, a leather-wrapped dashboard, red contrast stitching, darker window tint and a 14-speaker Harman Kardon sound system. Buyers can get it with an exclusive matte gray paint and red brake calipers. The Giulia variant can be optioned with staggered wheels, the Stelvio gets unique 21-inch wheels.

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