2024 BMW M2 Coupe Buyers Guide

BMW’s smallest track-ready product is in its second generation and aging well. Despite wearing polarizing sheet metal, the 2024 BMW M2 Coupe is still a highly focused vehicle that brings the performance you expect from an M-branded auto. Sporting a bit extra weight, more sophisticated technology, and a better-sounding engine than the last generation, plenty of changes make this a significantly different beast from its predecessor. Competitors include things like the Toyota Supra and Audi RS3, and like those fine automobiles, there are several reasons to choose one over the other.

2024 BMW M2 Engine, Transmission, and Performance

2024 BMW M2 in Zandvoort Blue

Every 2024 BMW M2 gets a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six under the hood, codenamed S58. It’s an evolution from the B58 engine despite only using around 10% of the same parts. The S58 produces 453 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque in the 2024 BMW M2 – 48 more horsepower and around the same torque as the outgoing F87 M2 Competition. According to BMW, the new M2 – chassis code G87 accelerates from zero to 60 mph in a rapid 4.2 seconds.

The M2 is primarily set apart from its competitors by virtue of its available manual transmission. The Supra gets one but sports nearly 100 less horsepower. The RS3 doesn’t and won’t ever get one. A pre-owned Corvette or a new 911 are the only moderately comparable options, both of which are very different beasts from the BMW M2. It needs to be said that we thought the auto was more fun when comparing the automatic vs. the manual. While manual enthusiasts may doubt that appraisal, rest assured that either the auto or manual will provide you with a compelling and fun driving experience.

2024 BMW M2 Fuel Economy and MPG

2024 BMW M2 in Toronto Red

Fun, fast, and out of gas. The 2024 BMW M2 gets an EPA-estimated 16 city mpg, 24 highway mpg, and 19 combined city/highway mpg. Not great, especially when Toyota says the manual Supra 3.0 gets 19 / 27 / 21 mpg. Automatic transmission variants of both return considerably better fuel economy. While not precisely the point of the vehicle, the M2’s mpg might make it a turnoff for the slightly consumption-conscious buyer.

Interior and Cargo Space

Inside, the 2024 BMW M2 feels modern but still quintessentially BMW. A tech-forward and minimalist approach provides the creature comforts you expect without alienating those searching for a focused driving experience. As long as you spec the unique M-colored sport seats (or any color of the carbon buckets), it still feels special. Otherwise, it might feel a bit bland. The illuminated M trim and M1/M2 buttons do an excellent job of differentiating it from lesser 2 Series interiors. Trunk space is 13.8 cubic feet, beating both the Toyota Supra and RS3.

2024 BMW M2 Technology and Connectivity

Every 2024 BMW M2 comes with the stuff you expect a flagship model to come with. Curved display, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc. The M2 boasts newer and more advanced tech than the Supra, which uses last-generation iDrive. It’s most obvious when you use voice commands. You’ll easily spot a familiar steering wheel, seating position, switchgear, and more between the two. It’s not a bad thing – they’re excellent in both. Options are a bit sparse on the 2024 BMW M2, but a head-up display ($1,100), Parking Assistant ($200), and wireless charging ($200) seem bargain-priced enough to consider for us.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

The Ultimate Driving Machine is also the Ultimate Driver’s Assistance Machine. Thanks to standard tech like Frontal Collision Warning, Active Blind Spot Detection, and Lane Departure Warning, the M2 is easy to drive pretty much anywhere. Toss in bonuses like MyBMW app integration and Park Distance Control, and you can send it pretty much anywhere and be okay. For enthusiasts who will immediately want most of these disabled, it’s not complicated. Like in the last generation M2, you can save your driver aid settings to your key and profile and permanently turn anything you hate off.

2024 BMW M2 Pricing

The 2024 BMW M2 Coupe starts at $63,200. It undercuts the Audi RS3 slightly but falls very nearly $10K pricier than a manual Supra with the 3.0-liter B58 engine. You’ll get better tech and a more focused driving experience in the M2 than the RS3. You’ll get a nicer interior and more modern tech than the Supra. The RS3 offers four doors and all-wheel drive, neither available on the M2. The Supra provides a steep discount and similarly – if not more – dynamic driving experience with less out-of-the-box power.

Of course, when you start adding fancy Individual colors to the M2, it can get even pricier. While the car has limited competition in its segment, it can still get a little out of control once you start getting past the $72,000 or so mark.

2024 BMW M2 FAQ

Will there be a 2024 BMW M2?

Yes, the current BMW M2 is in production for the foreseeable future and likely into 2030.

What are the updates for the 2024 BMW M2?

The M2 receives no updates for the new model year. No changes are expected for two or three years, so buying one today is a good idea.

Is the BMW M2 a supercar?

No, the BMW M2 is not a supercar. The trademarks of the supercar include low total production numbers, top speeds approaching 200 mph, and a two-seater configuration, none of which characterize the M2.

When can I order a 2024 BMW M2?

Orders for the 2024 model year opened in the middle of 2023 and will be available through early 2024

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