2026 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe EV spied for first time

Mercedes-Benz AMG, long known for its tire-shredding V-8 and V-12 engines, is well on its way toward offering a diverse electric portfolio.

The Affalterbach tuner already offers its own versions of Mercedes’ EQE sedan, EQE SUV, and EQS hatchback, and currently it is working on its first dedicated EV, a prototype for which has just been spotted.

The dedicated EV will be based on AMG’s own modular EV platform, known as AMG.EA, and is expected to debut in late 2025. The timing suggests it will reach the U.S. as a 2026 model.

As our spy shots show, the EV will be a super sleek hatchback with four doors, making it a potential electric alternative to the current GT 4-Door Coupe, a vehicle whose name it may carry into production. The two versions are likely to be sold alongside one another for a period, as the current GT 4-Door Coupe was only updated last year.

2026 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4-Door Coupe EV spy shots - Photo credit: Baldauf

2026 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4-Door Coupe EV spy shots – Photo credit: Baldauf

Mercedes also announced last week that it has abandoned a plan to go the electric-only route in major markets by the end of the decade. Instead the automaker plans to continue offering gas-powered vehicles well into the next decade, and possibly longer. This means the GT 4-Door Coupe with a gas engine may stick around for longer than previously planned.

AMG teased a potential design for its first dedicated EV with the reveal of 2022’s Vision AMG concept. The concept was built to showcase the possibilities of the AMG.EA platform and was confirmed by AMG to feature axial-flux motors developed by Yasa, a company wholly owned by Mercedes that specializes in high-performance electric motors.

Axial-flux motors are both lighter and smaller than conventional radial-flux motors of similar output. However, manufacturing axial-flux motors is more difficult, making them a lot less cost-effective. One production-bound unit weighs just 53 pounds but generates up to 480 hp, Yasa chief Tim Woolmer told Autocar. Two of those motors would give the AMG close to 1,000 hp.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

The car’s sleek design will further aid efficiency. AMG is expected to use active aerodynamic features and even a printed logo similar to what’s used on AMG’s Formula 1 cars and the One hypercar. An active rear spoiler can clearly be seen in some of the spy shots.

AMG has plenty of experience with electric power. It first tested the waters in 2014 with the SLS AMG Electric Drive. It was the fastest, most powerful EV on the market at the time thanks to its 740-hp output. Since then, AMG has gathered more experience, particularly in the areas of energy discharging and recovery, from its F1 program.

Before the arrival of its first dedicated EV, AMG is expected to introduce a tuned version of the next CLA-Class, a prototype for which is also out testing.

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