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There’s a new way to customize your new Ford Mustang this year. For 2024, Ford is adding the Matte Clear Film option, and it sort of doubles the number of finishes on offer. That’s because it’s a clear film that turns any Ford Mustang color into a matte finish.

The film was developed with PPG, and it’s simply applied on top of factory paint. As such, it also offers some protection for the paint underneath, and Ford notes that it’s designed to “withstand harsh detergents used at hand or touchless car washes, as well as road salt, bird droppings, bug splatter, and asphalt residue,” so hopefully it’s a little more forgiving and easier to care for than actual matte paints tend to be. It’s not the first time an automaker has offered such an option, as Land Rover introduced a similar feature on its new Defender SUV.

It will be available initially for EcoBoost, GT and Dark Horse coupes, with convertibles coming later. And it can be added to any color Ford offers. There are a few restrictions, though. It’s not compatible with any graphics packages. So the Dark Horse loses its standard graphics, and the painted stripes aren’t available, either. You’ll also miss out on any optional stripes or graphics on the EcoBoost or GT. Also, the California Special will be excluded from the paint film.

On the topic of graphics, Ford is also adding the option to delete them from the Dark Horse, regardless of finish. So if you want just a plain, clean Dark Horse with glossy paint, that’s an option, too.

Ford will start taking orders for the paint film on February 27, but just for the coupes. Deliveries are planned in June. Convertibles will eventually be available with the package, too, but will be coming later. Ford estimates that they’ll be available by the end of the year. The cost of the option is $5,995, and it comes with a 3-year/30,000-mile warranty.

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