2024 Shelby Super Snake starts at $160,000, offers four options – Autoblog

Shelby’s newest Super Snake takes Ford’s newest Mustang into territory the factory doesn’t begin to approach yet — at least, not for street use. A 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger increases output to 830 horsepower, beefier ancillaries like a better radiator and heat exchanger, performance half shafts, Borla exhaust, and a one-piece drive shaft on manual-equipped cars ensures owners can use every last crumb of that potency. Outside, an aluminum hood with the traditional pin locks plus carbon fiber vents, a wide body front fascia flowing into wide body fenders, a carbon fiber Super Snake rear wing and rear diffuser, all on a set of 20-inch forged magnesium wheels.

Now that the online configurator is up, we know the traditional high price also comes along for the ride: The 2024 Super Snake starts at $159,995 before destination for a coupe fitted with a manual transmission. And when we write “traditional,” we mean going way back. The 1967 Shelby Super Snake that Carroll Shelby created would have cost $8,000 at retail. when the standard Mustang didn’t even cost $2,500, which is why Ford nixed the idea after just one example had been built. When the Super Snake officially launched in 2007, the package cost $28,000 on top of the $41,000 needed to buy the base Shelby Mustang GT500.    

Math for the 2024 Shelby Super Snake breaks down to $59,440 for the base Mustang and $100,555 for the Super Snake Package. Ford’s 10-speed automatic bumps the price up $1,595, going with the droptop version raises the price by $5,500. The stripe packages are no-cost extras, but buyers who want a color other than Shadow Black, Oxford White, or Iconic Silver will pay $295 for Atlas Blue or Race Red, $495 for Rapid Red Metallic. And once you’ve made those four choices — body style, transmission, color, stripes — that’s it for the configurator. The most expensive 2024 Super Snake on the standard menu tops out at $167,585 before destination, taxes, and fees.

The Las Vegas outfit says it’s limiting production to 250 units in the United States on top of “limited availability” in international markets. If you don’t get your order in in time for this year’s allotment, it’s probably not too early to put your hand up for the 2025 Super Snake.

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