Some of you will remember BMW currently holds the record for the longest drift, a title it earned late 2017 when an F90-generation M5 managed to drift around for 232.5 miles (374.17 kilometers) at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. Driven by Johan Schwartz, the high-performance sedan had to be refueled mid-drift with help from an older M5 in the hands of BMW driving instructor Matt Mullins.

It’s safe to say the man behind the wheel of this M3 Coupe is far less skilled than either Schwartz or Mullins. Much like was the case with BMW’s record-breaking attempt, he practiced his moves on a wet skid pad as part of an event organized during the StreetGasm academy day in Utrecht, The Netherlands. From Porsches to Ferraris, many exotic cars lined up to dance in the wet.

As it’s pretty obvious, this isn’t an ordinary E92-generation M3 as it’s been modified with a pretty aggressive aero package encompassing a massive rear wing and a chunky front splitter. Underneath the custom hood featuring multiple vents, the only M3 to come with a V8 had its engine tweaked to deliver 650 horsepower instead of the standard 414 hp.

Even though we don’t get to see the inside of the car, the tricked-out sports coupe appears to have a pair of Recaro body-hugging seats in the front. In the back, the rear seats have been yanked out to make room for a roll cage in case something goes horribly wrong and he ends up crashing his precious M3. A full body wrap in black with striking red graphics gives this modified BMW a Need for Speed vibe.

Derived from the larger S85 V10, the naturally aspirated S65 eight-cylinder engine continues to sound marvelous after all these years. With emissions regulations getting stricter, the adoption of turbocharging, and the electric era fast approaching, such an engine will never be made again by BMW. The last bastion is represented by the United States where local automakers are still coming out with large-displacement engines that do away with forced induction, but it’s only a matter of time before North America will downsize and eventually switch to EVs.

[Source: CarSpotterQVS / YouTube]