Specialized unveils new lightweight belt-drive 28 mph comfort electric bike

Hot on the heels of a new ultra lightweight electric mountain bike unveiling, Specialized isn’t slowing down. Today the company is releasing a new ultra lightweight electric city bike, the Specialized Turbo Como SL.

As opposed to specialized’s electric mountain bikes like the Turbo Levo and Kenovo, or Specialized’s fitness-oriented electric road bikes like the Turbo Creo, the new Turbo Como SL fits in Specialized’s “Active” category of bikes designed not for racing but instead for getting around town.

That’s exactly what the new Turbo Como SL specializes in. It’s a comfort-oriented urban e-bike with an emphasis on utility for daily activities.

The bike is designed to provide a high-visibility upright seating position that is much more comfortable than a racer’s tuck. And to ensure the bike can handle a daily commute or errands, the frame is designed to accept a variety of utility accessories.

There’s even a frame-mounted front rack system that makes it easier and more comfortable to carry loads up front since they won’t swing with the fork when the bars turn.

The headtube features a steer-stop system so the bars don’t swing around when the basket is loaded down. The frame also incorporates a lift handle at the center of mass, making it easy to lift the bike with one hand when walking up a flight of stairs or onto a train car.

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