Submit a ‘Spend My Money’ or other question for this week’s Autoblog Podcast

If you’re a regular listener of the Autoblog Podcastyou’ve heard the “Spend My Money” segment. If you’re not familiar, here’s how it works: Send us an email at with “Spend My Money” in the subject line, and we’ll help you choose your next vehicle purchase, new or used. Give us any parameters you like, as well as a budget. Looking to replace your Miata for something with a little more power? Having kids, and need to upsize to a three-row vehicle that won’t bore you to death? Need to add a winter beater to your stable? Does your next car have to have a manual transmission, rear-wheel drive and a physical volume knob, but cost less than $15,000? Wondering which new electric vehicle to buy? We’ll hash it out on the podcast, and decide how we would spend your money.

Maybe you aren’t in the market for a car at the moment, but have another car-related question, or some topic you’d like us to discuss on air. That’s awesome. Send us an email at 

Maybe you don’t have a car question, but need a good shakshuka recipe. We got you. Send us an email. Just want to say hi? Send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you, and you can look forward to hearing our editors consider your question and debate over an answer on the Autoblog Podcast. Thanks for listening, and, as Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore always says, “Be safe out there.”

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