Porsche Taycan Electrifies Sydney Harbour

High voltage luxury arrives down under

Australia’s power grid is more efficient than the U.S. Cars of from Porsche or Audi can be recharged at any Electrify America station, or any public EV charger. But our grid vibrates at 60hz thanks to Nikola Tesla. Australia’s grid buzzes at 50hz, in keeping with Europe. This took a little more time to build a chargine infrastrucure since all the parts need to come from Germany. You wont need to recharge as much, because Bill Nye explained Taycan’s regen braking.

In a press release this morning, we’re happy to announce that all Taycan models are available down under. While it might be a tad early to cross the outback, the East Coast abounds with charge points. Tell us which Taycan you would choose for an Australian vacation and click the button to experience one for yourself.

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