Russia May sales sharply up – Just Auto

Russia May sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles increased 134% compared to the same month last year, or by 84,345 sold units and amounted to 147,378 cars according to the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee (AEB AMC).

“May, 2021 new vehicle sales growth is on the expected very high level compared to same month of previous year, especially for the volume leaders,” said AEB AMC chairman, Thomas Staertzel.

“In this month 147,378 new passenger cars and LCVs were sold, which is [a] 133.8% increase versus [the] same period last year and also 6.7% in comparison to [the] May, 2019 increase (about 10 000 cars up). YTD, May, 2021 is 38.7% higher than [the] previous year period, including the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown effect in 2020.

“The same situation we will observe in June, but we will see more realistic YOY monthly comparison from July on. During the summer months, we will also see the effect of limited supply driven by the worldwide shortage of electronic components.

“Therefore, we expect lower new vehicle sales of most brands compared to the currently high customer demand. With State support of the customers and manufacturers, we may hope for the positive completion of the year. The AEB AMC will renew its annual forecast with the next press release.”

Note: The total sales in May, 2021 are 6.7% higher than in the same period of 2019, due to inclusion of the sales figures of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which changed the frequency of their sales data publication from a monthly to a quarterly basis in 2020.

Without sales data of the named companies, sales results in May, 2021 are 12.6% higher than in May, 2019.

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