Survey Finds That 1 In 10 Brits Love Their Cars More Than Their Partners

Author May 23, 2020

Survey Finds That 1 In 10 Brits Love Their Cars More Than Their Partners

We’re all united by a single passion here: cars. But how much do some people love their rides? According to a study conducted by Skoda UK for the British market, the answer is a lot, maybe too much.

The most interesting information by far revealed by the Czech automaker is that 10 percent of British motorists admitted that they love their vehicle more than they care for their partner. Furthermore, one in seven people claimed that their love for their car exceeds their feelings for their parents and/or siblings.

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What do people usually do when they have so much passion for their rides? Why, they give them names, of course. The same survey, which was conducted on 2,000 drivers, showed that 32 percent admitted of naming at least one car that they owned, and a quarter of them revealed that they named 3 or more vehicles throughout their lifetime.

The survey found that those living in the West Midlands came out on top as the region who liked to demonstrate affection for their vehicle by giving it a name (37%), whereas drivers living in Scotland (25%) and Wales (25%) were less inclined.

When it comes to naming cars, people usually do it because it makes them chuckle, 29 percent of those questioned said, while 20 percent confirmed that they picked a certain name because they thought the vehicle looks like that particular name. One in 10 said that they did it because it reminded them of someone special, and 8 percent confirmed that they named it after a loved one or a family member.

The most common names people give to cars are Betty, Freddie, Daisy and Rosie, but celebrities are not excluded either, with Elvis Presley, Harrison Ford and Beyoncé being on the list as well. Others went for something more amusing, such as Ketchup, Bubbles, Zorro, Beast and The Brussel Sprout.